My story

Hi there! My name is Antonina.

I’m a mixed media artist. I grew up in Russia where I met and married my husband.

My journey with art started at a young age. After obtaining degrees in graphic design and fine arts I was working as a designer in sports industry. Over the years I went through learning and practicing many different mediums and techniques.

In 2016 my husband and I immigrated to Canada, a country so rich of beautiful and endless landscapes and seascapes that it became an unending inspiration for my work.​

Soon after we settled we became parents to our beautiful daughter Alice. Since then, between learning how to be a parent and discovering what it means to be Canadian, I dedicate every spare moment to painting.

Once I started sharing my art via Instagram, the amount of interest for my work and even willing to purchase some of them, encouraged me to make my own online art gallery. The love for colours, textures, movements and all different forms nature has to offer are playing a big role in my latest works as an inspiration . The time I do spend painting is a small window of calm and peace from the hectic life which helps me to listen to my heart and create what it desires.

My gratitude for my family, my husband and daughter for their endless love and support goes beyond anything I could express on canvas.