Collaborate on a custom painting with Antonina

Sometimes you need something a little extra special. Maybe one of my pieces is not the right dimensions for your space or perhaps you have fallen in love with one of my paintings but it already sold. Maybe you have a favorite place; a special vacation spot? A commissioned painting is perfect when you have a special story that needs commemorating. I am happy to work with your needs and would love to create something magical just for you.

  • Commissioned paintings will reflect the style of my existing work. Please look at my portfolio and current collections to let me know which paintings have the style/palette you want emulated.

  • The consultation is free in order to determine if we would like to work together. The consultation can happen over the phone, through texting or in person, whatever works for you.

  • A 50% deposit is required prior to commencing the painting process. Your deposit will be a confirmation of our contract. Contract details will be in the quote/invoice I send, please read throughly prior to sending payment as your payment will bind our contract. Payment type accepted are PayPal, Stripe (V,MC,debit, etc) or e-transfer.

  • Once the painting begins, I send you progress photos of the magic process that builds your painting. Please note that I share the progress photos and videos on my social media for my own promotional purposes but will keep you anonymous unless you request otherwise.

  • Turn around time for completion is 3-6 weeks depending on how many commissions are in line before yours.

  • Once the painting is completed, you will be invited to view the painting for approval. If you are not from Calgary the detailed photos  and video would be sand to you.

  • The 50% deposit is non-refundable, however, I want my clients to be 100% satisfied once their piece is completed, while staying true to my own artistic style and ability. If you are not satisfied with the painting you may apply your deposit to another painting in my current or future work and I will sell the intended commission to someone else.

  • Once the painting has been approved, the remaining payment is due, prior to the release of the work.

Here are some FAQs

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